Manufacturing of Himalayan Salt Bricks

Basic Facts About Manufacturing of Himalayan Salt Bricks

Each of the Himalayan salt bricks we sell has its own story. The years it spent being a part of the salt mines is the first chapter, the second is where we manufacture and deliver it and the reaming ones are written by you. If you wonder about the manufacturing process of the Himalayan salt bricks we sell, you are not alone. It’s quite normal to be worried about the authenticity and the background process before you purchase anything. We are on a mission to help our customers through any and every challenge when it comes to the Himalayan salt brick so here is a brief introduction to the manufacturing of Himalayan salt brick.

The majestic Himalayas contain one of the world’s largest salt reserves in the form of Khewra salt mines. Every year about 800 million pounds of Himalayan salt is mined from these natural reserves. Pink salt is available in various shapes and forms, such as grounded salt, Himalayan salt bricks, Himalayan salt tiles, lamps, and domes. There is a huge variety of it.  Being one of the most trusted Himalayan salt brick-providing companies in the US, we do our best to bring top-quality products to you, and that is vehemently reflected in our entire process. Each step of the manufacturing process of our company and every single decision we make is actually aimed at ensuring quality. We deal each Himalayan salt brick with extreme care, and that has single-handedly garnered us the reputation of a reliable pink salt supplier.

The story of the manufacturing process mainly revolves around our Himalayan salt brick factory. It is set up in Pind Dadan Khan, Jhelum district, Punjab, Pakistan, only a few miles away from the Khewra mines.  The miners drill out the large blocks of pure pink salt from the mines, keeping up with the safety protocols. Tractors haul the mined salt blocks out of the mountain and bring it to the brick plant. The salt blocks of the best shape and colors are selected and set aside to be carved into different sizes of Himalayan salt bricks.

Our experts utilize cutting-edge technology to cut the Himalayan salt brick into different dimensions with the highest level of precision. Differently-sized pink salt bricks can be used in a variety of construction projects. Once the cutting process is completed, each of the Himalayan salt bricks is thoroughly inspected to find out any abrasions or cracks so that only the finest material reaches you.

Our tedious workforce carefully packs the Himalayan salt bricks into the packages and prepares them for direct shipping to our warehouse in Kansas. We have maintained a warehouse in Kansas that has a huge stock of Himalayan salt bricks in various sizes. The availability of a huge stock allows us to cater to your pink salt needs without wasting any time. Our manufacturing process takes the shortest possible time, so you can also count on us for bulk orders. You can choose the Himalayan salt bricks package size and place an order without ever leaving your house.

We deal in a wide range of Himalayan salt bricks sizes. The quality control measures ensure that you get premium quality pink salt at affordable prices.

Our work is incredibly effective, and our employees, manufacturers, and exporters all know just how to complete their responsibilities expertly. Being a top-notch business, we offer the best Himalayan salt bricks at the most competitive price that is 100% natural. We are always available to help you put your worries to rest and ready to provide you with our top-notch goods.

Our first and main responsibility is to satisfy our consumers. Our expertly crafted Himalayan salt bricks are currently sold all over the US, which is great for customers. We provide secure processing at every stage, whether it is manufacturing, extracting, or exporting, so that our customers may receive premium-quality Himalayan salt bricks.

Rest assured that our main objective has always been to manufacture first-class pink salt products and export them to consumers. Along with that, we provide high-quality customer service. The steadfastness of our consumers is a testament to our devotion to excellence. With strict quality control at every stage, our highly automated production plant, outfitted with cutting-edge technology and a skilled crew, helps to satisfy your Himalayan salt bricks demands on time.

Our valued consumers’ comments about our Pink Salt products and new research, both of which have helped us improve greatly; have just been put into practice. With thorough research and analysis of the needs of our consumers, we have created an exclusive variety of Himalayan salt bricks.

So, set your worries aside and whenever you feel ready to incorporate beautiful Himalayan salt bricks in your residential or commercial place, contact us via email, call or our messenger. We are always there for you! The next time you are holding a Himalayan salt bricks brought to you by our company, you can feel safe knowing where and how it came into its current form.

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