Granulated Pink Himalayan Salt


Granulated Pink Himalayan
  • Salt for the floor (2-5mm) Flooring Pink Salt granules 55 lbs bag
  • Himalayan Pink Salt for the floor
  • Granulated Pink Salt with 2-5mm size
  • A very fine and pink color granules

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Granulated Pink Himalayan Salt

Granulated pink Himalayan salt is the ground form of pink salt. The size of granules is anywhere between 2-5mm but could be altered as per customersā€™ demand.

The granulated Himalayan salt is available in a 55-lb bag where each bag costs $139.99.

Himalayan pink salt is finely ground to achieve a granulated form. The Granulated Pink Himalayan salt boulders are mined from the Khewra region of Pakistan so each bag is full of 100% pure salt. Salt granules are an essential component of salt therapy as they are natural and arranged to fill in the area of your salt room’s walls and edges and to make a salt bed on the floor.

Granulated Pink Himalayan salt is employed in a salt room to provide a full salt session. This coarse salt is spread out over the floor to get the most advantages.

People buy this to use in their salt spas or salt rooms, where salt therapy is practiced, and it is also known as flooring salt or Himalayan salt for floors. These salt granules can be consumed or used as coarse salt in cooking.

The tiny size of granules allows them to store vibratory energy and hence is a perfect fit to design salt spas that can revitalize your energy levels.

Suitable to be used in halotherapy. Finely ground salt can be added to the halogenerator to supplement adequate amounts in the air. The powdered form can be inhaled with air providing amazing benefits to the respiratory tract. The cellular structure of pink salt enables it to be easily inhaled and reduces the inflammation of air sacs and bronchioles.

Pink salt contains 84 trace minerals that can rejuvenate your well-being.

The coarse salt, when laid on the floor, directly gets absorbed by the skin and offers detoxifying benefits.

You can order several packs of granulated pink Himalayan salt to create pink salt floors in your salt room.

salt can also be used to try the oldest method for the preservation of meat known as dry aging. You can hang up the entire carcass or a primal cut for about 2-3 weeks and get amazing flavor and tenderness of the meat. Enzymes work to tenderize the meat by dissolving the connective tissue between the muscle fibers. Throughout the entire process, the meat loses moisture and takes on a uniquely amazing flavor that would tantalize your taste buds. Instead of using plastic wraps for dry aging, this method will help you preserve meat at the best grade.

To ensure you get the purest salt available, no chemicals or additives are used. It is a naturally mined product from the Himalayan mountains.

The beautiful rosy pink color of Himalayan salt has a calming effect on your nerves thus making it the most suitable addition to your meditation rooms.

The hygroscopic nature of granulated pinkĀ  Himalayan salt makes it an ideal product for absorbing unwanted odors from indoor air thus providing you with fresh unscented air.

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Our company is a top manufacturer and exporter of other Himalayan salt products like bricks, plates, blocks, and lamps as well. We ensure quality by conducting a final inspection before every shipment.

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