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  • Hexagonal Salt Brick
  • This is a special salt bricks design.
  • The core purpose of this design is to use it for interior design.
  • Hexagonal Himalayan Salt Bricks have 6 corners.
  • You can install it on your wall and this brick will enhance the beauty of your wall.

Hexagonal Salt Brick

This is an originally sourced Hexagonal salt brick in a hexagonal shape. This is specially designed to create beautiful infinitely expandable geometric designs. The precisely shaped hexagonal bricks are carved from huge chunks of Himalayan Salt mined from the Khewra mines of Pakistan. Hexagonal salt bricks can be laid together to form endless configurations for architectural structures and interior furnishings. This dynamic shape allows you to create geometric partitions just as well as cylindrical columns.

You can rely on us for accurately sized hexagons. Both sides of each brick are plain ensuring easy and quick installation procedures.

Designed for both residential and commercial projects, this Hexagonal salt brick is the perfect choice for multipurpose projects. Whether you are an experienced construction professional or a DIYer with little experience, these salt bricks are easy to work with. Suitable for saunas and salt walls, this Hexagonal salt brick has user-friendly dimensions.

Packs of 5, 8, 10, 22, 50, or 100 are available. A pack of 5 bricks weighs about 12.5 kg or 27.5 lbs. The net weight information on each pack lets you know what to expect. It is ideal for foot detox plates, cooking, or serving. The bricks come in packs of eight or ten, which are suitable for small projects such as making cooking slabs or decorative salt tiles. Order larger economy packs for floor tiling, saunas, salt walls, and therapeutic rooms.

Their mesmerizing pink marble color can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchens, staircases, and meditation areas. Using them in your bedroom can give it a warm ambiance thanks to their radiant amber glow.

A hexagonal salt brick can be placed close to a wick, lamp, or any other light source. The salt becomes warm and emits a pleasant light, providing both ionizing and color therapy effects. The ions produced from the salt bricks can alleviate symptoms of respiratory allergies and asthma They can also help you with your breathing and sleeping patterns.

A pack of five bricks costs only $29.99. You can also save money on healthy home improvements by ordering an economy pack of 100 Hexagonal salt brick.

It is well known that pure Himalayan salt cleans the air it surrounds and enriches it with 84 trace minerals crucial to human health. By introducing more negative ions into the air, the hygroscopic nature of Himalayan salt bricks aids in the removal of impurities and the balancing of electromagnetic radiations. By carefully positioning light lamps close to these bricks, you can take advantage of their incandescent properties to brighten up your space with pleasant light.

There are no known skin-related side effects of this product.

These precisely sized Himalayan bricks are very long-lasting and require little upkeep over time.

The color, patterns, and inclusions of every salt brick are unique and different. Himalayan salt blocks come in a variety of natural colors, including hibiscus pink, venison red, and spring water clear. They all give off a stylish yet natural appearance.

Since we have a huge stock, we also deal in bulk orders.

We offer shipping services around-the-clock so you can begin working on your project as soon as possible. Our company accepts returns and exchanges at any time. Simply take pictures and send them to us right away if any of the products you receive are damaged or broken. Within 24 hours, a member of our team will get in touch with you to look into your claim. Within 15 days of delivery, you can get in touch with us to request replacements for your order.

Our company is one of the best manufacturers and exporters of Himalayan salt products such as bricks, plates, blocks, and lamps. We guarantee quality by performing a final inspection before shipment.

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    “Experience the culinary wonders of Himalayan salt like never before with our Hexagonal Bricks. Versatile and visually stunning, these bricks are the secret ingredient to enhancing flavors and impressing guests. Elevate your cooking game with the pure essence of Himalayan salt.”

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