Himalayan Salt Adhesive | Pack of 3


  • It is a pack of 3 bottles of specifically crafted adhesive/sealant for Himalayan salt tiles and bricks.
  • Every bottle comes with a nozzle that makes the application easy and hassle-free.
  • Ideal to install Himalayan salt tiles and bricks without creating any mess.
  • This adhesive acts super-fast and dries quickly.
  • The sealant dries up to a transparent layer thus it is a good choice for light-colored Himalayan tiles and bricks.
  • Does not cause any corrode or damage Himalayan salt products.
  • It can be applied to fix and repair any broken Himalayan salt products.
  • This pack of adhesives is enough to install about 90 standard-sized Himalayan salt bricks.

Ideal for DIY installers and enthusiasts.


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