Himalayan Salt Cooking Plates 8 x 8 x 1 | Pack of 50

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  • Pack of 50 Himalayan Salt Cooking Plates
  • The best quality Himalayan Salt Cooking Block that is good for cooking food on Pink Rock Salt.
  • The Salt Cooking Block introduces an incredible flavor and interesting experience,
  • whether it is a BBQ party or casual cooking.
  • We always struggle to give you premium quality and customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal.
  • Grilling on the Salt Cooking Block to inspire others.
  • The dimensions of the Himalayan Salt Cooking Block are 8″ x 8″ x 1″ and the weight is 5.22 pounds.

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Himalayan Salt Cooking Plates 8 x 8 x 1

These Himalayan salt cooking plates are made up of originally sourced Himalayan salt. Each plate is a one-inch thick square of 8×8 harvested for an enormous pink salt boulder. The plate is composed of 100% pure Himalayan salt with about 84 trace minerals. The product is food grade, so don’t worry about its purity while eating your favorite meal from the salt plate. The thickness of each Himalayan salt cooking plates are an accurate 1 inch to ensure an even distribution of heat.

Each salt plate is plain on both sides to facilitate firm placement and easy handling. These Himalayan salt cooking plates can be placed on top of your BBQ grill or stove. Evenly distributed heat enables uniform simmering and searing of your favorite types of meals. 8x8x1 Himalayan salt blocks is a great fit for regular stoves allowing you to make flavorful meals without making a mess.

It can be a substitute for a grilling pan while imparting a naturally rich, slightly salty flavor. Due to high melting temperatures, these salt cooking plates can even be used to bake pizzas, scones, cookies, and other baked items.

The Himalayan salt plate is uniformly thick and incredibly dense to provide you with beautifully seared meat and vegetables.  Once fully heated, the salt cooking plates can cook food for about two hours so don’t waste it by cooking only a portion of your meal. When used for cooking or serving food, they add just the right amount of salt to it. The trace minerals and natural salt re-vitalizes your body and improves longevity.

Also serves as an incredibly versatile serving platter. When adequately heated, this Himalayan pink salt plate can keep your food hot for a long time. You can enjoy chattering at your dinner, while this platter can keep your meal oven hot. The salt plate can also be chilled for serving sushi, cold meats, cheeses, sorbet, appetizers, fresh fruit or vegetables, and chilled desserts. The beautiful rosy salmon color can enrich your food table and kitchen with beauty.

The Himalayan salt plates are suitable to be used as chopping boards in your kitchen. Pure salt does not allow any microorganisms to grow on it so can continue to utilize it for chopping fruits or vegetables without worrying about bacteria or germs. You don’t have to worry about scratches, meat juice absorption, and dangerous bacteria growth. The salt plate has no known side effects on human skin so you can use it without worrying about your hands.

No chemicals or additives are added to ensure you get the purest and cleanest salt in the world. Since each slab is a natural product mined from the Himalayan mountains, every salt plate is unique in color, patterns, and inclusions resulting in different thresholds for pressure and temperature.

The hygroscopic nature of Himalayan salt makes it an ideal product for absorbing different kinds of odors from your kitchen or refrigerator. Simply place the Himalayan salt cooking plates in the refrigerator for absorbing unwanted smells.

This Himalayan plate is very durable and requires little to no maintenance. You can order a pack of 1,2,3,5,10 and 50 plates with each weighing about 5.22 pounds. We can supply bulk orders without delays so that you can enjoy cooking perfectly seasoned food.

You can contact us for fast replacements if you receive a damaged or broken salt cooking plate.

Due to our dedication, we are known as the best company in the USA for outsourcing Himalayan salt cooking plates. Our company makes every effort to ensure prompt deliveries of your order without compromising quality.

Place your order now for high-quality, precisely measured Himalayan salt plates shipped to your address.

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    “Incredible Himalayan Salt Cooking Plates! They’re the perfect size for versatile cooking methods and add a unique, delicious flavor to every dish. The quality is exceptional, and they’re so easy to clean. A must-have for any kitchen!”

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